Real Estate Investing

Need to sell your home now?  We purchase and refurbish select homes for resale.

Property Management

Let us take care of all the hassel of your residential property.  We make it stress free.


Our team can handle any maintanance issues for your property.


Real Estate Investing

You may be familiar with “We Buy Houses for Cash” companies, but do you wonder what happens once you work with us? First, you will contact us with information about your home. We will then evaluate this information to see if your property meets our criteria for buying homes. Then, we come up with a contract that includes a quick closing and a fair price, giving you the cash for your house in less than 30 days. Once we buy your house, that is when we start to make the magic happen.


Property Management

Your home is often one of your most valuable possessions. It's wise to leverage industry experience to care for, manage and oversee this investment through every phase of its use.

We offer a full service property management team dedicated to providing the most professional service to our clients. Our clients value our effective marketing services, accessibility and responsiveness. We leverage technology well to make the process convenient and easy. They also rely on us for our understanding of the appropriate landlord-tenant relationship.


Property Leasing

Our Property Management duties include:

  • Advertise and Market the Property.
  • List the property with the Internet Listing Sites and other popular real estate listing services.  Schedule and conduct viewing appointments.
  • Screen potential tenants (Credit Report, verify Employment, Landlord references and interview the tenants).
  • Prepare, act as intermediary in negotiations, and obtain authorization of all lease documents.
  • Collect security deposit.

Monthly Property Management Services:


  • Collect the rent
  • Provide monthly statements
  • Handle vendors for maintenance and repairs
  • Pay related property bills (as requested).
  • Conduct frequent visual exterior inspections
  • Frontline to handle all tenant issues and questions.
  • Initiate all unlawful detainer procedures and lease termination
  • Regular property inspections including walk-through.

Our Team

We are a family owned business with decades of combined talents that is focused on providing excellent customer services to our clients.   We have strong backgrounds in construction, property managment and real estate markets.